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Name : Ribbon Plant

Scientific name : Dracaena Sanderiana (Green, Silver, Gold)


Place of Origin : Cameroon and Congo

Lucky bamboo is just sections of older stems, cut into various lengths, that develop roots at the lower joints and leaves from the upper joints. The stems themselves will not grow longer, but new offshoots could eventually become elongated stems.

Growing : Since lucky Bamboo does not have much pest problems, grown under full cover of the net (Slan) , for health concern of growers and customers therefore NO pesticides are used. Only basic organic fertilizers to help make the lucky bamboo grow better are used in our farms.

Phytosanitary Certificate : Since we are quite comfortable with our products. Customer can always ask for Phytosanitary Certificate to accompanied with the shipment.

Winter Time : We can prepare winter pack for shipping to customer in the cold area during winter time. Therefore we can ship the lucky bamboo to you all year round.

How long will it take to grow Lucky Bamboo ? and how long will it take for each step of the stem to grow. : Generally Lucky Bamboo will grow around 50 cm in 6 months. With approximately 10-12 steps. Therefore each step should take approximately 2-3 weeks to grow. This is under normal condition. Anyway it can grow faster with appropriate climate, soil, water and fertilizer. And can also grow much slower in a cold environment.

How to make Curly Bamboo : Curly Bamboo are not grown like what you see. Actually, lucky bamboo only grows straight. Therefore it need some special growing techniques to make it curl. There are several method to make it curl. one is that the growers keep the plants in a greenhouse, cover 3 sides so that only one side has bright light and let the plants grow naturally toward the light. Then manually rotate the plants periodically to produce the curl. Normally it take more than 6 month to make one loop or wavely curly bamboo for larger or more curly ones will take longer. The other one is using wire. But all methods are labour intensive processes.

Lucky Bamboo Flowers !! : Many people thought Lucky Bamboo never give flowers. Well, see the following pictures !!

Lucky Bamboo Spiritual Meanings :

Career Advancement - Climb up the ladder

Business Prosperity - Success in business venture

Longevity Health - Harmony and Peaceful life

Religious (Zen) - Gracious, Honorable and virtuous

Relationship (Love) - Energize your love life

Fengshui (Chi) - Creation of positive energy in your environement

Lucky Bamboo is on of the plants recommended by Feng Shui Masters for improve Feng Shui of your place. And also create space that make you feel relax and safe.

Some Feng Shui Masters recommend put Lucky Bamboo on the east and should plant in on Tuesday. Since there is believe that leaves plants is best planted on Tuesday.

Curly Bamboo :

Curly Bamboo is a Lucky Bamboo but grows with special techniques that make it curl. It will grow like a normal Lucky Bamboo. The Care of Curly Bamboos is the same as The care of Lucky Bamboos.

Therefore this Curly Bamboo is very popular and an exotic ornamental plant. Because of the nature of them the curly will be quite random patterns.

Curly bamboo also come in different size of forms. The standard length available are 30-50-60-70-90 cm for size S-M-L-LL-LLL respectively. Also available in normal Green Lucky Bamboo or Silver Lucky Bamboo

Single Curly Bamboo with Leaves..............Top of Curly Bamboos

Varieties of Curly Shapes

Spiral Bamboo :

One special form of Curly Bamboo is Spiral Bamboo, where the bamboo is curl in a spiral form. It take much longer than normal curly bamboo to prepare the spiral bamboo. Even though our growers are very experience, it still not easy to make it. Therefore, not all suppliers can supplied you the Spiral Bamboo.

Spiral Bamboo come in two sizes (L and LL) which is from 50 cm or longer in classic green bamboo only.

full picture of the spiral bamboo Close up of the top part of
the Sprial Bamboo

Even though we try to make all the spiral bamboo the same..
but nature prevent us from that..
So all spiral bamboo are just look alike. but not exactly the same.

Spiral Bamboo also available with leaves :
Please specify when you place your order.

Spiral Bamboo with leaves.. Bundle of Sprial Bamboo .. Close up



Money Tree Technical Information :

Common Name: Malabar Chestnut, Guiana Chestnut
Family: Bombacaceae Kunth
Country of Origin: Central America
Description: [syn. Bombax glabra]
A large water-loving mid-sized Central American tree that produces large multiple-seeded round fruit. Edible raw but normally roasted, tasting somewhat like chestnuts. The young leaves and flowers are cooked and used as a vegetable.

Money Tree is botanically known as "Pachira Aquatica" or other common names are Guiana Chestnut, Malabar Chestnut, Saba Nut.
If you think it is born as pot plant, well..not really. It is actually a spreading tree that grows to 60 feet tall in the wide. It has greenish bark and shiny, dark green compound, 8-10 inches leaves. Pachira is native to Central American and Northern South American. In the wild, it is a wetland tree that grows in freshwater swaps associated with tropical estuaries. It often grows alongside rivers, were its branches arch out over the water.

But instead of let them grow very tall. We found that its trunk are flexible enough to be braided together using special technique. Using five young Pachira manually braided together. Put them in the pot and watering them appropriately. After approx 10 months you get what you see in the picture below. An exotic pot plant.

Because of the shinning leave and the braided trunks. People usually call this pot plant "Money Tree" And when you put them in the golden pot. Tie red/golden/silver over it. Make it a nice Pot plant.
Don't worry about it growing too big for you If you still put them in the pot. The trunk will not grow much bigger.

Money Tree is very easy to taken care of. Even though it is an wetland sunshine plant. It still live very well with dryness and low light. So it is an ideal for home or office pot plant. No need to watering them too often, just enough to keep the soil moistured. When the leaves grow too big you just trim them off. The new bud will start popping out a few days later.

And because of these unique appearance, very meaningful name and low maintenance make Pachira or Money Tree very popular. Either as home decorating plant or as well.

Tower Bamboo :

Lucky Bamboo or Curly Bamboo can be grouped together to make a nice looking Tower Bamboo. There are wide varieties of Tower Bamboo. You can also create your own design. So let us know what you want. We can prepare them for you.

Various kind of Tower Bamboo.

Several layers Tower Bamboo.................... One layers

Two Layers with Goddess on top ............4 Layers............ 5 Layers

Mixed Tower Bamboo (Straight and Curly Bamboo)

Close up of the top of tower bamboo

Top part of two layers tower bamboo;;;;;;;; top view of two layers tower bamboo




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