Vanilla beans are available in all grades all year round.Availability:Annual between 6-15 tonne of quality vanilla beans of Grade-A , Grade-B and extraction grades. The beans will be A grade of Planifolia type measuring upwards of 16cms. Beans will be sun cured and have approximately 25% moisture content.Vanillin varies from 2-2.2%. In addition an equivalent quantity of beans of varying lower grades (B, being below 14cm to 12 cm, and C below 12 cm to 10cm) is also available.
We provide state of art curing and post harvest practices for converting green beans to cured beans. We also have a special vanilla extraction and testing facility for checking the quality of beans and extracts.
Our vanilla extraction technology uses a alcoholic- water cold process and a longterm ageing process. We also have a special vanilla -natural gum extraction technique with no alcohol extract for applications demanding zero alcohol content.


Vanillin is widely used in the production of chocolates, cookies, bakery products, ice creams, perfumes, agarbathies, drugs, chewing gum and milk. It is also widely employed in many perfumes where its strong pleasant aroma is greatly appreciated.
The Vanillin is used for providing Aroma for
(1) Chocolate, ice-cream, confectionery, cocoa drinks, soft drinks, bakery goods and other food products
(2) Perfume and fragrance formulations for personal care, detergence and others
(3) Food flavour formulations for the food industry
Vanillin is used in above sector as follows.
(1) As an ingredient in food flavours
(2) As an pharmaceutical intermediate
(3) As an flavouring agent in confectionery
(4) Beverages and in perfumery.
In addition to its use as a constituent of perfumes, Vanillin has become important as deodorant to mask the unpleasant odour of many manufactured goods, like wearing apparel, rubber goods, paper products and plastics etc.
Until recently, about 85% of Vanillin has been used as flavouring agent in ice creams, candies, puddings, cake mixes, gelatine desserts and soft drinks etc. Rest is used in deodorants, perfumes and other fixatives and as chemical intermediates.
In carefully controlled dosages, it is a useful sweetening agent, fixative, modifier and blender.

We supply the vanilla from MADAGASKAR, TAHITIAN, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, INDONESIAN, MEXICAN, and INDIAN VANILLA. Our vanilla based end products unlike the gourmet that are season driven are available year around for the confectionery markets.



Cured A grade beans of 15 cms and above.
Quality: Supple vanilla with 25-30 % Moisture content and above 2 percent vanillin content.
B-GRADE- Less than 15 cms
C & D GRADE - AROUND - less than 10 cms and splits
"Tahitian" Vanilla Beans as following specification :
- Vanillin content : 1.92%
- Moisture content : 29.19%
We can offer limited stocks from the mada beans. The Madagascar beans are grown in our slecte Madagascar farms and processed to make unique Mada specs for the vanilla that is the best in the world. Vanillin : 2 % and moisture around 25 percent to 32 percent normally. Brown and chocolate brown with red tinge are normal for the vanilla.
Indonesian Beans:
Dry vanilla beans farm fresh from islands of Java and Bali are given from our own select grower farms. The vanilla is supple and bourbon and deep color with vanillin ranging from 1.8% and mositure around 25 percent.
Papua New Guinea:
We can now supply "A" 15cm plus Vanilla .Vanilla from PNG also has two types vanilla tahitian and vanilla planfolia.
We are able to offer you vanilla pods - comores origin organically grown, 13- 16cm long. +/- 2g per pod.

We provide Extraction quality beans as well as Gourmet grade beans.The unmistakable scent of Vanilla with its exotic flavour is acknowledged world over for its culinary use. Vanilla essence is derived from Vanilla pods of the Vanilla plant.Vanilla Planifolia of the Orchidaceae family is the most popularly used species.
We provide a snapshot of the vanilla cultivation techniques, vanilla curing methods and vanilla products for your evaluation.


We are offering Single, Double Strength vanilla extracts to our speciality customers. Please ask for details. We are also carrying stocks of 20 fold vanilla extracts.
Available in single , Double and four folds as well as in absolute form of around 20 fold.
Single Fold Pure Vanilla Extract
Our PURE vanilla extract doesn't contain any sugar or additives of any kind.
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol 35%, Vanilla Beans Extract
Double-Fold Extracts:
Vanilla is the only flavor with a U.S. FDA standard of identity in the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 169). Single-fold extract must contain extractive material from 13.35 oz. of vanilla beans (at 25% moisture) per gallon and at least 35% alcohol by volume. Anything less than 35% must be labeled "vanilla flavor." Optional ingredients include glycerin, corn syrup, sugar and propylene glycol.
Concentrated vanilla extract (or flavor) is made by removing some of the solvent -- usually by vacuum distillation -- until the desired concentration or "fold" is reached. Each fold must correspond to an original 13.35 oz. of beans in the starting extract before concentration, so a two-fold would have the extractable of 26.7 oz. of beans. Higher folds such as 10x or 20x are made by diluting oleoresins, which do not contain solvent. Distillation destroys some of the aromatic substances of vanilla flavor.


Finely ground vanilla powder selected from premium grade beans and ground to a fine mill and are available in pure brown form.
Ground Vanilla Beans Powder:
Made from very fine qulaity Vanilla planifolia beans. Our ground vanilla beans doesn't contain any sugar or additives of any kind. We take whole full matured beans and grind them to a fine powder.
Ground vanilla beans are very easy to use. You need just a little amount to add excellent vanilla flavor.For example, you can add a teaspoon to coffee before brewing to make a whole pot of vanilla flavored coffee. It is also great in tea, Crème Brulée, and ice cream.
*1/2 teaspoon of ground vanilla beans is approximately the equivalent of 1 teaspoon extract.
Ground Vanilla Beans: Available in 100, 250 and 1 kgs packs.
Vanilla powder is a mixture of ground vanilla beans and/or vanilla oleoresin combined.


As an extension to our line of products we are offering vanilla sugar base to our customers.
A fine off-white powder made of sucrose or dextrose (sugars) laced with vanilla. They dissolve well and are perfect for use in beverages or mixed with granulated or powdered sugar. Can be directly employed as an additive in sweet condiments and bakery products.


Selected from special grades of our vanilla beans we are offering vanilla paste as an alternative to vanilla extracts. Can be used in Icecream and bakery preparations directly.
A concentrated vanilla extract that contains vanilla seeds and available in a paste form to be directly added as a flavouring component in Bakery, confectioery, beverage and other dairy product applications.
Further we offer vanilla vinegar, vanilla in natural gum base, vanilla honey as blended products.

Vanilla Vinegar:

Made by using apple cider vinegar and crushed vanilla beans and aged for time.


Blended using the finest natural honey and vanilla beans extracts and a natural swetener.

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Bourbon curing method: Bourbon vanilla is the name given to the product from the former French possessions in the Indian Ocean, which employ a curing technique first developed on the island of Reunion, formerly known as Bourbon. Production of Bourbon-type vanilla is now dominated by Madagascar, with the Comoro Islands and Reunion as smaller but important sources.


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  • Vanilla Growing

    gifts Vanilla as a shade crop grown in support of Glyricidia as a tertiary crop in plantations. High density of 2m x 1m is possible with well matured planting stocks. Consulting for setting up farm available.
  • Vanilla Curing

    curing Process of Harvesting the ripe pods and convert them into gourmet beans through a process of bourbon -killing, sweating, drying and conditioning. Process techniques that make for quality and high grade vanilla end products.
  • Vanilla Products

    beans Vanilla Beans - Gourmet and extraction grades, vanilla paste, Vanilla pwoder, and vanilla extracts including vanilla absolute. Beans- A grade, B Grade and extraction. Vanilla paste for use in icecream, pastries and confectionery industry.


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