Dendrobiums- In Greek Dendron means Tree and Bios meaning Life. This refers to the epiphytic mode of the Plant genus.
The plant consistes of a series of connected stems each of whcih ceases growth after some time, usually after producing an inflorescence at the tip. This type of growth is called Sympodial. The stems which are swollen at the base are called Pseudo Bulbs. Pseudo means false and correctly describes these structures which are not truly Bulbs like those of onion and garlic. Leaves are borne on the upper parts of the stem and are usually Fleshy, Dark green and elliptic in shape. The Inflorescences are usually unbranched and appear at the stem tip and from the leaf axils.

Orchids, Anthuriums, Heliconias, Pineapple, Foliage

We provide Flowering plants according to the needs of the customers and in master cartons called blooming adult plants. All orders are shipped by air to the destinations and advance booking for annual orders are welcome.

Within the business of potted plants for decor we work with orchids, anthuriums, and foliage groups. We provide different packing system for each family and accordingly these are discussed here. Most of orchids for pot plants include Dendrobiums, Vandas and Phalenopsis family.


All these plants are available in Small seedlings, Medium and blooming size collections. Check with us for stock positions.
We are also offering many of these collections in standard flasks.
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1. Den. Genting Blue 'Supreme' purplish blue
2. Den. Genting Blue No.3 bright purple
3. Den. Genting Candy
4.Den. Singapore Blue
5. Den. Sakura Pink two tone light pink
6. Den. Kyomi Beauty 'Genting' two tone dark pink
7. Den. Drilon Pink two tone light pink
8. Den. New Sonia 17 two tone dark pink
9. Den. Sonia 28 two tone dark pink
10. Den. Komiyo Kondo red antelope type
11. Den. Bonchoo Gold yellow red lip
12. Den. Blue Fairy blue Twist type
13. Den. Genting Rose pink purple
14. Den. Snow Fire white purple lip
15. Den. Nida pink stripe
16. Den. Mekong River X Jae Hawaii dark red
17. Den. Thai Pastel pastel pink
18. Den. Sonia Jo-Kai dark pink
19. Den. Rinappa red
20. Den. Pink Rubby pink
21. Den. White Angel white
22. Den. Woon Leng two tone
23. Den. Shavin #5 white
24. Den. Anna two tone
25. Den. Ahulani Hinojosa Dark Maroon
26. Den. Sonia Galaxy dark purple
27. Den. Sonia 17M dark purple
28. Den. Sonia Jo purple
29. Den. Pramont purple
30. Den. Toshiko purple
31. Den. Sharifah Fatimah yellow
32. Den. Tuang Pink light pink
33. Den. Asahi Pink light pink
34. Den. Startokai yellow
35.Den. Nurashikin 'Blue Fairy'
36.Den. Fran's Twist X Den.Blue Pacific



    Within the genus of Dendrobium breeding the most sought after are the yellow ones as they tend to have a special traits. Of late breeding some dark chocolate and browns including darkish black have shown significant progress. The elusive blues and its tones have brought in some wonderful phalenopsis type dendrobium hybrids. We also need to mention here with special triats of the canaliculatum type hybrid breeding cultivars.



    Selection of cutorchids, anthuriums, heliconias, and other flowers.


    All types of green leafs and background decor elements used in flower decor.


    A complete range of loose flowers used as edible or leis or for simple arrangements.